Sunday, August 29, 2004

No "Thank you"...

I don't watch much TV- Law & Order, Navy NCIS (in spite of it's titular redundancy), Jeopardy and sports are pretty much all I watch with any kind of regularity. Strangely, though, I like having either a TV or radio on any time I'm not reading. I guess I find some comfort in the steady drone of sound.

Anyhow, I have recently allowed myself to become greatly agitated by some of the most stupid, insipid, mindless, uninventive, asinine commercials ever to splatter the landscape of that visual wasteland.

I am thankful I no longer see those "And" commercials that ran for a while for some telephone company. Their use of the conjunctive to promote some peripheral services was lacking in imagination and humor. The absence of those qualities didn't deter others from emulating them, however. Another cell phone company followed with "In", where a father issued phones to his son and daughter, informing them that they were now "In", eliciting great bursts of excitement from the clearly deprived kids.

The latest one, also from a cell phone company if I remember correctly (I wonder if others forget the products these companies try to peddle as quickly as I? What, then, is the purpose of these 30- second annoyances?), centers around the phrase "Thank you". Among the stupidest of these spots is a woman in a supermarket profusely congratulating a stranger on her pregnancy. When the second woman, insulted, snaps that she's not pregnant and demands of the first woman why she assumed so, the first woman squirms for a moment, then says "Thank you". At that, the second woman squeals with pleasure and the two carry on like best friends. Now granted, I'm not the smartest guy in the classroom, but, c'mon!!! Someone actually paid an advertising agency big bucks for this???

I'd start looking for kick-backs.


At September 04, 2004 11:24 AM, Blogger Gob said...

So true. Can't make out heads nor tails of many
ads nowadays. It's funny how the people selling
their products through these ads can delude
themselves so. Or is it, that the ads are just
meant for the deluded proportion of the populace?!
Puzzling indeed. ;)


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