Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Re: The Texas Air National Guard memo controversy:

"We made a mistake in judgment, and for that I am sorry." Dan Rather, in a statement issued 9/21/2004.

When Dan Rather said "I know that this story is true" and "(an apology or retraction was)..not even discussed, nor should it be. I want to make clear to you, ...if I have not made clear to you, that this story is true", he put his credibilty on the line. That credibilty is his commodity, his merchandise. Without it his shelves are bare.

Whether the error on the part of CBS News was a conscious reflection of their political bent remains unclear but the effect on their perceived integrity and veracity is unquestionable.


At September 22, 2004 10:32 AM, Blogger Henry Baum said...

For some reason the same sense of integrity is not demanded of the Bush administration. They went to war based on information they thought was true. It wasn't. We're talking War, not a mistake by a journalist. Somehow Dan Rather becomes the posterboy for lies.

At October 28, 2004 8:54 PM, Blogger silas prophet said...

I don't imagine many journalists would be flattered to have their veracity ranked with that of politicians.


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