Thursday, October 14, 2004

Superman vs Super-Ego

My wife subscribes to Oprah Winfrey's magazine, succinctly entitled "O". When she received her first issue, I noted, in passing, a nice picture of Oprah on the cover. Later, after she had received her second issue, I thought it rather peculiar that Oprah would grace the covers of back-to-back issues.

At this point let me pause to confess that I've never been regarded as the sharpest utensil in the drawer, so when it dawned on me that Oprah was on the cover of every one of the magazines, it was a slow, deliberate dawn, climbing laboriously over the distant horizon.

Help me out here, is this a text-book example of classic egocentricity? If Merriam-Webster were to convert to a strictly graphic interface, would the word 'Narcissism' be defined with a dozen pictures of Oprah happily smiling from the covers of her "O"?
Oprah Magazine Covers
To be fair, I tried to think if I had ever subscribed to any magazine which showed the same person on each cover. I was surprised to realize I had. It was "The Adventures of Superman".
That realization clearly elevated Oprah to new heights in my mind. It isn't so much that Oprah is conceited, I conceded; she's merely acknowledging that there's no one more dominant than her. "O" magazine is the "The Adventures of Superman" for the new millenium. Superman Covers

Think about it; where Superman has battled space aliens, criminal masterminds and various and sundry mutants, Oprah has taken on the Texas beef industry, cultural literacy and Phil Donahue. Where Superman was courted by the love-starved Lois Lane, Oprah's well-publicized paramour is Stedman Graham. The parallels fairly boggle the mind. And who is more open-armed and generous than Oprah? Superman, maybe, but certainly no one else.

So the next time you look up in the sky, if it's not a bird or a plane... well, you know who it probably is.


At December 03, 2004 3:56 AM, Blogger RedRyder said...

Very funny stuff! I'll have to come back and read your blog on a regular basis.


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